The six pillars of a successful home sector retail business... Revealed. Understand them, master them and skyrocket your sales and profitability.

We work with retailers on mastering these 6 pillars or areas that make for a successful business. 

Each retail business has 6 Pillars that support the entire structure of the business. If one pillar is weak, every other area of the business suffers. If 2 or more pillars are weak, there can be catastrophic effects on the overall business.

The 6 pillars are so interconnected that they cannot function alone. For example, it makes no sense whatsoever to increase your advertising expenditures if your marketing is ineffective, your demographics off target, your merchandise assortment plan is not in your sweet spot or your sales staff is weak. Most stores have a 10-30% increase in sales sitting right under their nose if they simply fix the pillars of their business today!

Pillar-1 Advertising and Marketing. We teach retailers how to effectively market and advertise to increase qualified foot traffic, phone traffic and web traffic. We focus on the High Value Targets while most retailers are utilizing 19th & 20th century marketing methods.  Read more.

 Pillar-2 Sales and Coaching. Through our Integrity Sales Training and Coaching program retailers will convert qualified traffic into sales by creating a professional, focused and high achieving sales team.  Read more.

 Pillar-3 Merchandise Management. Through effective merchandise management retailers learn how to discover and augment their sweet spot further driving sales and increasing margins thus skyrocketing GMROI. And we teach retailers the MUST HAVE merchandise...merchandise that is flying off of retail floors nationwide.  Read more.

Pillar-4 Financial Management. Then through proper financial management we teach retailers how to manage the financial side of the business and how to control and increase cash flow. Read more. 

Pillar-5 Administration and Operations.   We teach retailers to be experts at business administration. Retailers learn how to run the "operations" side of the business effectively and efficiently. A business with sound policies and procedures will drastically cut waste. And YES, the business can run on autopilot! Read more. 

Pillar-6 Leadership and Team Building. Finally, we teach retailers how to instill accountability at all levels of their business and create a positive, upbeat, enthusiastic and unified team that exceeds their goals in every area. The impact of creating an amazingly focused team is incalculable.  Read more. 

Minor improvements in several key areas as outlined above can equate to massive increases in sales as well as pre-tax profits.

I can only say good things...

I have known Hal McClamma for many years. Hal consulted our family business and helped us focus on how to improve our entire business.  He motivated us to improve our Sales Program, Organization Development, Training, Buying, Warehousing and many more areas in which we improved all business practices.

I can only say good things about Hal McClamma as a person as well as the excellent management and retail training he provides. I highly recommend him to those who want to improve their business. If Hal looks at your business and tells you he can help you, you will absolutely get results.

Ron Hilton, Utah      Read more. 

Advertising on Steroids. 

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NEW - Integrity Advertising & Marketing Program.

Complete design & production of ad campaigns that work.  All areas: TV, CATV, ROP, Print, Internet, Social, Direct Mail, Billboards, Signs, Banners.

Your business can plug into the best advertising and marketing ideas in the industry.  We know what works and how to implement your campaigns. Complete agency program with design and campaign implementation. Bumper to bumper from annual ad budgets to media buys to tracking effectiveness of campaigns.  We can help you do it all. And we are cutting edge 21st century marketing experts. Did you know newspaper is 19th century marketing? Did you know TV, CATV & Radio are 20th century? Are you missing out on what works in the 21st century?  Your plan may in fact include newspaper, but we will help you design a high ROI marketing plan that focuses on the HVT - High Value Targets in advertising & marketing... FIRST.  Hurry, we only work with one retailer in your category per geographic location. 

Contact us for a FREE no obligation advertising & marketing check up.   Find out more.

NEW - Managed Internet Search Program

The internet is one of the most important forms of advertising and marketing and most businesses do it all wrong by not implementing in a planned, proactive and intentional manner. And standard SEO Search Engine Optimization is a complete waste of time and money!  Did you know…your business can show up in a prospects search…ABOVE your competitors…even when your customer searches for your competitor by name! even when your customer searches for your competitors product by name...product you don't carry!  Don't waste any more money. We do it all for you and we know what works in home sector retail. Hurry, we only work with one retailer in your category per geographic location.  Our managed internet search program is run by home sector experts. 

NEW - Social Media Marketing Program.

Integrity Business Coaching Is Your Social Media Connection

Ask about our social media management program.So many retailers are missing the bus on social media. And unfortunately many are WASTING thousands of dollars in ineffective social media buys.Contact us today for a free review of your social media initiatives. Find out how one of our clients does in excess of 30% of store volume though Facebook alone.  Hurry, we only work with one retailer in your category per geographic location.   Find out more.

NEW - Special Sales & Events (Assisted or completely done for you.)

Cash raising, remodeling, liquidation, retirement and GOB events.

We bring INTEGRITY to sales events and GOBs. We can help you two ways: First a fully done for you event where we take care of everything. Second is an assisted event where we help you run your own successful event for a fraction of the cost. We also have great vendor relationships and can augment your inventory with margin goods that you can be proud of.  Need funding? We can help with up to $500m in product augmentation and event expenses.  Find out more.

NEW - Dynamic Direct Mail Program. 

Direct Mail Program + Integrity Tracking = Incredibly High ROI

Contact us and request the free report: Direct Mail On Steroids. Find out what direct mail works and what direct mail to avoid like the plague. 

We print, we design, you mail and you save. Find out why marriage mail campaigns are so ineffective and have a low ROI. And learn why saturation carrier route direct mail is creating huge returns for retailers nationwide. Saturation direct mail by zip code and carrier route is the second most effective direct  mail solution available today behind mailing directly to your previous buyer list. We make it easy. We can design and print your custom mailers. Anything from a postcard to a multi-page tabloid mailer.  With our EDDM ready program you can mail as few as 300 mail pieces at a time. And you pay postage when you mail your pieces.  

Integrity Tracking: Your direct mail pieces can have a trackable customized phone number to measure calls, a trackable QR code coupon and customized web landing pages! These tools help to measure the effectiveness of the mail piece.    Find out more. 

NEW - Integrity Sales Training & Coaching

Most salespeople today are not performing to their full potential. Why is it that with a sales staff of 10 people, one or two are always way above average, one or two significantly less than average and the rest are stuck in the middle? And if that describes your sales staff…doesn’t that make you feel uncomfortable? Your below average and average salespeople are wasting your HUGE investment in customer traffic. Make the decision to stop this revenue leak today! Find out more. 

We were going down the death spiral...

I first met Hal right before my company was making its way down the death spiral. 

In other words just in time. Do yourself a favor and forget about the old way of doing business....learning as you go, and get professional help. He will have himself paid for in no time, if not, he will fire himself for you, that is also his job. It takes money to make money, so you better spend it wisely before it's gone. His presence has ROI for sure. As Hal says, "You are where you are, because that is exactly where you want to be. If you don't want to be there, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."  Matthew Scott, Maine       Read more.

Sales training & sales coaching, merchandising, marketing & advertising, operations, financial controls and business organization & administration.

Sales training, sales coaching, marketing & advertising, managed internet search, direct response marketing, social media, MMS/SMS marketing, leadership & team building, financial management, business administration, operations, warehouse & delivery, customer service, security, risk management and merchandise planning, inventory control, merchandise management and business & HR law. 

Also cash raising, expansion, store closings and GOBs.

We can also assist with cash raising, business expansion, succession planning, retirement, store closings, selling your business and franchising your business. We can provide either full service done-for-you events or assisted DIT do-it-yourself events. Events that will work combined with refreshing honesty and integrity. 

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Hal McClamma and Tommy Miskelly are regularly featured writers for Furniture World Magazine and The North American Home Furnishings Association RetailerNOW Magazine. 

   From the North American Home Furnishings Association

   From the North American Home Furnishings Association



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Thats right. Successful home sector retail leaders do similar things. The law of cause and effect states that if you find a successful leader, and duplicate what he/she does, you will achieve similar results.

You will learn from the best retail minds in our industry. Best practices that will skyrocket sales, efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. 

Learn cutting edge sales, sales coaching, merchandising, advertising, operations, financial controls and more.

It is not rocket science. Let us sharpen your sword.

Whatever you do, just call them...

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Our clients are raving fans. They will tell you that partnering with us is the best thing they have done in their business in years. Our fans welcome your contacting them about their experiences. 

Our raving fan testimonials page has several real retailer testimonials and even phone numbers you can call. 

Whatever you do, just call Integrity. Get them to come out and assess your business. You will be glad you did.  Just do it!

Tom Nix, Arkansas      Read more. 

Stop pulling your hair out.  Enjoy your business again. 

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Is your business achieving your vision? Are you making the desired net pre tax profit?  Is your business running you? Are you working on your business or in it? Learn the best practices in the home sector industry and fine tune your business today. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Hal McClamma since 2007, during which time he has provided excellent guidance for many aspects of our business. Hal assisted in developing a professional sales training program, and sales floor protocol programs that are still in use today. During Hal’s time working with my company he also developed store budgets and tracking programs that still assist us in our daily operations. 

I would highly recommend Hal to any business owner and believe that his expertise in retail operations and finance would prove beneficial to your company. Gary Larmore, Maryland   Read more